good morning my lovely readers!
(gambar tak nak kalah)
today is the best day because i can go home early :D
because today parents came to school to took their daughter(s)/son(s)'s report card.
yeihh my result for mid year exam was a little bit suck.
a little bit? no i think much..haha..
3 fails..gosh, bad huh?
i just got 1 A+, Addmath.
but i'm still glad and thankful to Allah because i got number 3/23 in my class..haha
got number 3 but the result is so ugly, urghh -..-
overall grateful to Allah because give me a chance to get the best result better
than other people that got the result more severe than me..
i know i'm less and lazy to study but i'll try to change my this bad attitude and don't want to disappointed my parents again, wish me luck guys :)

uh oh, good morning and hey to July too!
be nice to me and to my lovely family and friends ok :)

have a nice day people! cheers <3

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