Only Death Can Separate Us.


mat soldier told me just now, he got to move by next month.
i don't know what i feel now.
sad? blur? or blank.maybe.
i always think if he's gone, who will replace him as my close friend?
he is the one of my boy-friends that understand my heart, eventhough not 100% but at least
his action make me feel i'm not alone. haaa..
ok that just what my heart bla bla bebel around.
so back to the reality, he will say bye2, tata to me next month !
what i need to do is just smile and think positively that i will see him when we're study at U or when we reach our ambition and have a surprise meet when we're working..
ok over imagination -..- haha..
maybe i will give him some gift for remembrance.
so dear friend, i appreciate our friendship for almost this 5 years,
i hope this friendship never broken.
i know our friendship is full of bitterness a long time ago, but it's normal right, all sweet thing have a bitter too..
so now forget about the past and the bitterness and think about the sweet moment only ok ! :)
eventhough after this we are far apart, but we can still contact right?
we can skype-ing, facebook-ing, text-ing and etc.. remember,
we are ICT's children yo ! :) haha..
tetibe bangga dgn klas ICT..haha skali sekala tak pe kaan..

* aku tau ko tak akan baca apa yang aku cakap ni tapi sekurang-kurangnya aku dah luahkan apa yang aku nak cakap :D

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