dum dom dum dom

-3.43 p.m-

hey people!
so civic exam has passed.
only PJK exam that i need to face this friday, it's the last paper in this mid year exam..
oh yeah bebeh, after that....i will get the freedommmmmm~ :P
yeih, it's the first time we took exam almost 3 weeks respectively,
so it's so so so make us feel exhausted..cehh exhausted la sangat :P haha..
civic exam was too easy today, different from last year..i think last year was more difficult than this year because they asked all about fact that can find in the text book, i feel likee "aaaaa menyesalnya tak baca dan hafal betul2 sebelum exam.. D: ", mmg padan muka la....haha..this year's paper, they asked more about soalan BKK than fact in text book..haa gitula, haha..

ok that' all, just want to talk about civic only in this entry.. LOL.
tata :P

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