Thanks For The Memories, Friends :)

-9.03 p.m-

almost 4 months and above i didn't go out with my friends.. :"(
yeih, so sad..
saw the other friends can go out with their friends happily and got
permission from their parents easily so so make me jealous -..-
hurm, -____-
i miss the moment when my best friend(s) and i were studied together
at the library S.Alam, laughing and gossiping so loud until other people
staring at us, usha2 other people especially handsome boy, haha,
after that, walking to SACC mall to have a lunch, even though the mall is
far away from library but we enjoyed it because we have a time to continue
our gossip and joking around..haha after had a lunch, we walk again and transit
to all shop just for look around the things.. :D the shop that always we stop by
is Hinode, Lovely Lace, Giordano,Bonita,Mph,Speedy,Watson and etc :D
after walking around wasting time(haha -..-) ,
we go back to library and continue studying..boleh percaye ke study? haha..
i think we are more chatting than studying, haha -..-'
nakal btol zira dan kawan2nye kan?
hihi nvm, all the things that we do together leave us a very sweet and special memories
and now i miss all the memories not just the moment at the library
but all things that we did together :")
i hope they also miss our memories same as me :)


* uh ouh i like the part when we are otw back to library and suddenly rain with the scary lightning, so we take a flee and running like crazy(boleh johan dlm lumba lari 100 meter tu)
haha so funny but i think it's one of the special memories that i ever had :D


~ sorry if my english is broken, saya dlm usaha untuk mempelajari dan
memperbaiki percakapan saya dalam bahasa Inggeris serta berusaha untuk bercakap dlm bahasa Inggeris di mana-mana sahaja :) ~

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