when you say you love me,
my heart beats two million time in one second.

when your eyes look into my eyes,
i thought my heart would falling down.

when your hand touched mine,
i can feel your love.

when you talk to me,
your voice are as soft as your love too.

when you text me through phone,
i feel so excited.

when you gave me something,
i think you're a romantic person.

when you call my name,
i'll answer it in my heart, "yes dear".

when you call me through phone,
i wish you'll talk to me as long as it possible.

when you stand behind me,
i can't breath well.

when you say that i'm beautiful,
i'll say thank you.

when you stare at me,
i'll blushing.

when you say you miss me,
i think my heart will fly to the sky.

when you propose me to be your girlfriend,
i'll ask you, am i the one princess in your heart?

one word, jiwang
two words,
jiwang giler
3 words,
jiwang giler ko!



airayaya said...

blaja dulu budak! PMR pun lom lepas, math pun sangkut lagi.. ish, sepak kang. g wat math! dush3!

DaYaNa said...

elleh !
sekali sekala nk jiwang
ni aku reka je !
bkn btol2 pon :P

airayaya said...

miang3~~ nnt hr terbuka skola aku nak jmpa pak cik D tu >:)