had been tag by jingga :D

Show to us your top TEN chart of favourite animals! ;3
Upload animal pictures too, please :)

1) Cat !!

i love cat very much !! especially fat cat !! huha..

2) Tiger !!

love tiger!!

also white bengal tiger too ! all tiger cubs are so cute and the adult is so poyo like lion :)


so cute n poyo too !


x kire la mak ke bpak or anak penguin, tp depa sgt cute !!

5) Panda !

fat and innocent rite?

6) Dairy Cow

this is my mama's fav animal! also me too :)


so cute and fat !! >.<

8)polar bear !

still 2 words, so cute ! :D


aha..like baby :)


dh lme x bela kura2..sjak dorg tgglkan aku time aku drjh 5 n sjak aku pindah time drjh 6!! sdih2..

*finish bebeh*

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